Posted in September 2011

True Friends

And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. – 1 Samuel 18:1

A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. – Proverbs 17:17

A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. – Proverbs 18:24

We all have people in our lives that claim to be our friends.  But how many of us have friends like in the above verses?  Those are our true friends.  

I have had a few friends like the above verses describe. Some are still alive, some are with the Lord.  I still love each and every one of them to this day.  For the past year, God has blessed me with a new friend.  Wendy. Wendy and I have enjoyed a lot of good times together and we have endured a few rough times together as well. I have come to love her “as my own soul”.  She sticks closer to me than “a brother”.

Another good friend of mine is a man named MS SWEAT.  Though we have never met in person, he has been a constant source of support and encouragement to me. He “shewed himself friendly” to me and he has never met me. This tells me what a wonderful friend he makes in person.

Jesus is my Ultimate Friend.  He laid down his life for me so that through HIM, I might obtain eternal life. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

How about YOU?  Do you have friends that you love “as your own soul”? Do you have friends “that sticketh closer than a brother”? Are you “shewing yourself friendly to them”? Why not take some time right now to give thanks to God for such wonderful friends? Is Jesus YOUR FRIEND? Why not thank HIM right now for all HE has done for you.

22 thoughts on “True Friends

  1. Hi Bob in the short time I have known you I feel towards you as a friend, yes we were strangers not so long ago but you walked into my heart, so distance doesn’t really matter even though we can’t see each other face to face, we are not really apart because your in my heart, thank you for your kindness and concern.

    Most of my close friends who I have known for many years up to 30 or more, have been very faithful through many ups and downs, they really show what True friendship is and it is this friendship we are to all have for each other in the Body of Christ even if others don’t respond or even hurt us at times, it’s part of agape Love and is Sacrificial… it sticks like glue….

    Jesus is my best friend and He stuck to me when there was no one else… He is the Super Glue in my Life…He keeps me from coming unstuck!

    I created a Power point about colouring our world with Love, I will post it for you Bob, I hope you receive the sound track too. I think friends colour our world with Love like God does… Thank you Bob for colouring mine and yes I think mtsweat is special too and always will, like you he is my Brother in Christ Jesus and nothing can change that.

    Christian Love Anne.


  2. great post, christian jobs for people looking. amen, keep up the excellent articles coming. – pastor david duncan & wife cheri, baby julia


      1. Thank you mtsweat, I was going to ask the same question as pureheart33 …

        Congratulations Bob, it seems to be the thing to be featured and yes besides having a great looking blog , you should be you featured because you stand up for God’s Truth both in words and actions and it’s an example we all need to follow.

        Christian Love Anne.


  3. Great blog. I lost most of my friends years ago due to my long ongoing illness…but it has taught me about Jesus being my very best friend who will Never leave me or..”dis” me.

    I sooooo love Jesus.

    I love the Lord…He heard my cry…and pitied every groan.

    God bless you.


  4. It is honestly hard to find true friends. It is honestly hard to find Christian friends. Especially when you have a mental illness. The Baptist church doesn’t really talk about mental illnesses and they honestly have a hard time helping people with one.


    1. Hi lilrennygirl, sorry to hear your finding it hard to make friends people don’t always mean to be unkind they just get very busy and don’t make the time to show they care. As for Mental Illness it is not just the Baptist Church but many people don’t understand Mental illness and what they don’t understand they are frightened of but to be mentally ill is no differant then having a broken leg except you have a broken mind and it can be mended with time and patience and the right support, sadly the media have caused a lot of fear but most mentally ill people are not violent and those who are they keep calm with medication. I suffered from Bulimia for 10 years its an eating disorder but God helped me to recover, that was 30 years ago before, I went to Church.

      There is a great Blog for people who have had or are suffering Mental illness, Garry is a very gentle and kind man he cares and does not consider anyone less then anyone else I don’t think BM would mind my leaving a link and you are very welcome to stay in contact with me too.

      Garry’s Blog –

      My Blog –

      Christian Love Anne


      1. Nothing is easy. My church family some of whom are also my friends honestly don’t want to know what they can do to help me and don’t want me to tell them. I have lost friends because of my Mental Illness and most of the time I don’t want to go to church because I am having a bad time and don’t want them to know it. I also have been just clamming up and shutting people out and not telling anyone anything. I have my own blog on here, too.


      2. Hi lilrennygirl, what would you like your friends to do to help you ? do you need to talk about your feelings no matter how strange they might seem , or do you want them just to come and visit and show they care. Would you like to go out with them and just have fun. Or even cry and know they understand? do you know we all need this support, we all need to know we are Loved and we need to Love too, we were created that way.

        I care that you hurting lilrennygirl and God cares even more, I will be praying earnestly for you and will also join your Blog, thanks for joining mine. There is also a very lovely woman who is very caring and will understand how you feel, her name is Lady Deidre she has a disabled Brother, we have a lot of fun together but sometimes we are serious… stop by and say hello if you want to, I like her photography too but watch the spiders… only joking.

        Christian Love Anne.


      3. Hi lilrennygirl I think most people want those things you do, I know I do, I don’t know were you live but as we are now also sharing on your Blog, let me know there as I have a special phone package and I can call overseas for 5 hours a month I would Love to share with you and hear your voice and also since you said you would like to come to Australia, I would happy for you to be my guest which means it would only cost you your Airfare and spending money, anyway the offer will always be there for you if you want to come, you are my sister in the Lord, your family, so you will always be welcome.

        Now just one last thing but first thank you Bob for your hospitality lilrennygirl and myself have enjoyed getting to know each other through your Blog we will continue on hers or my Blog.

        Now lilrennygirl from me to you a big ((( HUG )))

        Christian Love Anne.


    1. I just want to personally thank you Bob for accepting my thankfulness in being part of God’s wonderful family, I have found right from the start of my Blogging you to be very supportive and caring but also strong in your stand for The Lord and His Truth which I is something I respect very much about you thank you for your kindness always and for your encouraging messages your Tops as a Brother in The Lord.

      Christian Love Anne.


  5. Hi Bibleman,
    It was really nice reading your post .. Thank to Anne I come across it.
    all my friends growing up had some flaw but I was too. i meet the best friend ever, Jesus and He become my whole world. So like you he is my best friend then comes my Soul mate , mother .. the Lord later blessed my life with a few very close friends.
    Thank you for posting this and may the Lord bless your life and your family


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