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Awed And Amazed

I am totally amazed at how much support everyone is giving me and Wendy.  All day long people have been writing me, calling me and visiting me.

Many churches and 3 whole counties now are holding Wendy up in prayer. That along with this blog, facebook, and twitter, half the internet is praying for her too.

Just about everyone in West Unity where we live is checking in on me just to see if I am ok and to pray for Wendy.  I had no idea we were so loved.

People are even walking around confessing Gods word out loud for Wendy.  It is almost like watching a living revival. 

Even me, I have a book called The Secret Power of Speaking God’s Word by Joyce Meyer and I have been speaking all the healing scriptures in it out loud every hour for Wendy.  It makes me feel like I am doing something!

Please continue to keep Wendy in your prayers.  I am believing God for a miracle.  I am believing God for her total recovery and I am not going to let go of that belief until she wakes up and is breathing on her own.

Thank You!

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