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Another Update On Wendy

I just got up and called the hospital.  No change in Wendys condition.  That is a good sign.  They have begun to slowly “warm her up now”  This is the crucial period.  PLEASE KEEP PRAYING FOR HER!

On a side note, I finally got some sleep last night and I am feeling a little better. My heart is sad, but I am trying to LIVE what I WRITE and believe God for a complete and total healing for Wendy.

I LOVE her so much!  I miss her!  Things are not the same around here without her.  Did you all know that Wendy is the one who got me to start this blog?  Yes she did!  She kept constantly saying to me “What good is it to have all the bible knowledge you got if you don’t share it with others?”   I thought about it and she was right and I started a blog.  She had tears of joy in her eyes as she read my first post one day.  And no matter WHAT happens, I will keep this blog going.  She would want it that way.

On Valentines Day, I surprised her with a beautiful bouquet of Roses, candy a valentines vase for the roses and a beautiful heartfelt card.  She cried her eyes out.  I did not know it at the time, but it was the first time in 35 years that a man had gotten her roses for Valentines Day.

She is going to get better!  She has a LOT of prayers, support and people praying for her.  God can’t help but hear them.

Thank you all!

Here we are at our first Christmas together

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    I just got up and called the hospital. No change in Wendys condition. That is a good sign. They have begun to slowly “warm her up now” This is the crucial period. PLEASE KEEP PRAYING FOR HER!


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