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Wendy Update #2

I just got back from the hospital.  I actually go to see Wendy today.  She looked peaceful, but she is still in a coma and she is still on life support.  These next 72 hours are crucial.  The doctors x rayed her head and will be reading them tomorrow to determine how much brain damage she has.  Her heart is enlarged and has a lot of damage, only 10% of it is working.  It was mentioned that even if she does come out of it and wake up, she will probably need a heart transplant.

It really hurt me to see her laying there like that.  It was all I could do to hang in there.  I am still believing God for a miracle, but if He does decide to take her home, I can only pray that He gives me a chance to say goodbye and to let her know how much I love her and appreciated her for all the love we shared together.

I am in tears as I write this.  Together we were a great force for God.  Things will never be the same for me.  I doubt if I will ever grill out again, or enjoy Harrison Lake, or sit by a fire without thinking of her.  I feel like I have been split in two.

Wendy is one of a kind.  No other woman will be able to capture my heart the way she did.

At this point, I am hoping for the best, and preparing myself for the worst.  I have to.  I love her very deeply.

That’s all for now.  I can’t write anymore.


Wendy, in the name of Jesus, may your light break forth like the morning, and may your healing spring forth speedily. (Isaiah 58:8)  I love you with all my heart sweetie and I am not going nowhere, I will be here for you NO MATTER WHAT!

10 thoughts on “Wendy Update #2

  1. (( hugging you )) and praying that God brings Wendy through if it’s his will to keep her here on this earth a while longer. She sounds like a wonderful woman and I can see through your words that you love her dearly. I’m praying for you as well. This hurts my heart this news,though I don’t know either one of you but with the love of Christ, I pray that I can be of assistance in any way. Keep trusting God.


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