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In Gods Hands

The things which are impossible with men are possible with God – Luke 18:27 – God can do what is seemingly impossible to us.  I have done all I can for Wendy, she is in Gods hands now.  I am hanging on to the belief that God will heal and restore her to full health in HIS own way and in HIS own time.

Wendy can do all things through Christ who strengthens her. – Philippians 4:13  Wendy is a fighter and I believe Christ is strengthening her and helping her to full restoration and healing in every part of her body in Jesus name.

The Kingdom of God is within Wendy – Luke 17:21  I pray that the healing power of the Kingdom of God within Wendy rise up within her and heal her of all damage and restore her to full health.

If God is for Wendy, who can be against her? – Romans 8:31  If God is for Wendy, not even brain damage or a heart attack can stand against her.  God is all powerful, all wise, and everywhere present.  I believe God is with her and protecting her and making her well.

All things are working together for Wendys good because she loves God. – Romans 8:28  God is in control.  He is helping and healing Wendy in a way and a time that is best for her.

God is with Wendy, God is helping Wendy, God is guiding her now.  – This is not a bible verse, but I claim it often for Wendy.  I believe Wendy receives HIS healing power right now in the name of Jesus.

I been going kind of nuts here with all this waiting, so I decided to write.  The above verses are what I have been constantly claiming for Wendy, every second, every minute, every hour I can, even in my sleep and when I wake up.

Lost of people face a loved one with sickness or disease.  Perhaps these verses will bring some comfort.  I have been immersing my thoughts and prayers in these verses.  You can too.

In the end, it all boils down to God, HIS grace, and HIS love.

This was Wendy two hours before her heart attack.  It was taken while she was at her computer. I love and I miss you sweetie and I am still here for you…waiting…waiting…waiting for you to wake up. 

5 thoughts on “In Gods Hands

  1. Praying for you. God, I ask that you would begin to do a creative miracle in Wendy. We know the doctors have their reports, but we know that You are the ultimate physician. I ask Lord that you would cause all things in Wendy’s body to function according to the way you designed it from the very beginning. I ask that you would creatively grow new brain cells where some may have been damaged, and I pray for a total healing of the heart muscle and arteries and veins and all electrical impulses to be restored to the way You designed it. I pray for a strengthening in her spirit, her inner most being and ask that her spirit would align with the Holy Spirit and give life to this body the way it was designed from the very beginning. Where the body is designed to repair itself, I speak the life of Jesus to those parts and I declare live and function the way you were designed. I renounce the spirit of death and take authority over you, you will not claim one life before its time on my watch! I release the power of life into Wendy from the Giver of Life Himself and speak healing and wholeness. I declare you to be a living testimony of our God! God, we know you transcend time and space, therefore I know this prayer will reach its intended target. I thank you in advance that by Your stripes, we ARE healed. May you receive all the Glory and all the Honor in Jesus Name. So be it!


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    We are all praying in Unity for Wendy and you Bob knowing God as you said is a God of the impossiable, Wendy is indeed in safe hands and so are you my friend – Christian Love Anne, Ron sends his support and is also upholding both of you in prayer.


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