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Some Good News For A Change

Wendy is breathing on her own now her mother just told me.  Her blood pressure is holding its own now too!  She is also flinching a little and making faces when her mouth is swabbed as well. She is also responding to pain.  She is still has not woke up yet, but I expect her to.

I am not believing what doctors say, I am believing God and I am getting the feeling inside that He is about to pull off one heck of a miracle.

On a side note:  I have been asked a lot how I am handling all of this.  It’s been rough, but I am hanging in there.  I got a little bit of sleep last night for the first time and the shock has worn off.  I am also eating today.  I miss Wendy greatly, the walls of my living room are full of pictures of us together.  This gives me some comfort.  I talk to her pictures when I am at home.  I have cried so much that I do not have any more tears left to cry.  I have prayed my heart out as well. My strength is returning.

My hope is in God.  Wendy and I have a lot of church services to attend yet, a lot of quiet nights in my back yard by the fire pit, a lot of wonderful times at Harrison Lake, and a whole lot of cookouts to look forward to yet.  I believe God will bring her back to me.

Please keep praying.  Prayer is such a powerful force. 

And thank you all from the bottom of my heart for everything.


Bob “The Bible Man” Dewille

7 thoughts on “Some Good News For A Change

  1. Reblogged this on Freedomborn and commented:
    Thank you Bob for keeping us up to date, we are all in constant prayer for Wendy and you, how very thankful we can be that God never leaves us when we go through suffering and hardship of course they are not from His hand but He knows they are coming and prepares us for them as He has done with you and Wendy. We know there is a time for everything including tears and as the Body of Christ we are to cry with each other and to carry each others burdens, God doesn’t expect us to be Happy Clappy, we are to have compassion for each other and comfort those who are hurting but yes an assurance also, which is what you shared Bob that God will work it all out for good.
    Christian Love Anne and Ron


    1. Prayer is all we have right now. Everything is up to God. I will keep posting updates as I get them. Thank you for your comment and prayers. You look familiar. Did we meet at the Christmas party last year?


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