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Wendy Opened Her Eyes

Dear Friends and Fellow Believers,

It is 7:00 am.  I just got a call.  Wendy opened her eyes this morning!  Yes she did!  It’s a miracle.  Also, when the nurse asked her, her name, she tried to speak it!  Also when the nurse told her to squeeze her right hand, she did!  And when the nurse told her to squeeze her left hand, she did!

How is that for answered prayer?  She is back to sleep now, but it is sleep and not coma.  I am heading up there to see her in person as we speak.  I just had to let you all know, although I am crying so much I can barely see.  Only these are not tears of sadness, but tears of thanksgiving and joy.

I could just feel in my spirit that she was going to wake up today.  My message to ALL of YOU – believers and unbelievers alike – God does exist!  He is all knowing, all powerful and everywhere present.  Know it, believe it and act on it. God is proving HIS love for us right now! 

I know it is hard to keep the faith when someone you love is sick or in the hospital, but Gods strength shines through in our weakness.  HIS grace is all we need and is sufficient for us if we will only reach out and BELIEVE!

God has shone through us that HE is alive and that HE does answer prayer!  Think about it?  HE heard YOUR prayers for Wendy and HE is answering them right now!

What a great and merciful God HE is!

Please keep praying and thank you so very much from the very bottom of my heart.

10 thoughts on “Wendy Opened Her Eyes

    1. Yes Terra! Praise HIM. People are saying they can just hear my testimony now lol! And you all WILL hear the testimony. Oh will you hear it! Thank you for your prayers Terra. It is nice to meet you! I pray you will enjoy this blog.


      1. This is so wonderful! It’s nice to meet you too Bob and I look forward to reading your testimony and future blog posts! Wendy is blessed and covered in the name of Jesus! Memorizing scriptures and studying the Word DOES pay off I agree!

        God bless you!!


  1. Reblogged this on Freedomborn and commented:
    To God be the Glory great things He has done – How wonderful Bob, how wonderful, wow I’m crying tears of Joy, how can we ever doubt a God that Loves us so greatly.
    Christian Love Anne and Ron


  2. I think this is my first time to your blog…but I’m right on time. I’ll join you in prayer for your wife’s continued recovery. I’ve had many miracles in my life also and know for a fact….God is a miracle worker and is still blessing His children in unbeliveable ways. God gets all the glory. Thank you for sharing your heart at this difficult time and allowing us to share in this special time in your life. It’s wonderful to see the miracle unfold! God bless you and your precious wife.


  3. PTL! The quote by Corrie Tenboom in the Wendy update #2 post certainly hits the mark. We may not understand the whys of darkness but can trust Him to get us through, all for His glory. Your faithfullness to God will not go unrewarded.
    Keep teh Faith!


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