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A Wendy Miracle!

I just got back from seeing Wendy.  She loved the bow I made her.  First words out of her mouth were “God! Am I glad to see you!.” She is sooo much better.  The doctor is going to do a heart cath on her this afternoon and have a better look at her heart.  He mentioned something about possibly having to put a defibulator/pacemaker in her.  But other than that, she is going to be ok.  I am praying they send her closer to me for rehab.  Gas is now $3.80 a gallon here! What a time for the rich oil companies to start getting greedy!

I am exhausted for some reason.  Today I really seem to be feeling the fatigue from all the stress and driving.  To top things off, my brake light is on in my car and I just do not have the money right now to get it fixed. I have been driving WENDYS car to visit her for the time being.  Thank God for that.

After all I have been through, I am just not worried about it.  It’s in Gods hands.  If HE can perform a miracle like HE did for Wendy, I believe HE will always see to it I get there to see her. HE has so far. Things like this do not worry me anymore.  My trust and faith is in God and no one else.  If I only had the words to explain how I feel!  I guess they will come in time.

But for today, I got to see my Wendy.  She is talking now and she is very alert.  Thank you Jesus from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you EVERYONE for your prayers and support.

Please keep her in your prayers.  If nothing else, we have PROVEN God is ALIVE and IN CONTROL.  And we have PROVEN that prayer WORKS!

I got to relax and rest now.  I am wore out.  Now that she is getting better, the fatigue is really setting in on me.

God bless each of you and thank you for the gas donations.  So far I have received $60.  That gets me to see her for 3 more days.

Wendy said to tell you all “thank you” and she really meant that.  She was so shocked to hear about all the prayers.  I told her “wait till you sit and read all the comments”   She said, “I can’t wait till we can do it TOGETHER”

I am in tears right now.  Not of sadness, but of great inexplicable joy.  God did it people.  Right before our very eyes…he performed….a MIRACLE! The Wendy MIRACLE!

7 thoughts on “A Wendy Miracle!

    1. Bob, Even if you would have wrote one sentence, I still would read it and love it. I love your thhguot process and the way you express the friendship and advocacy. Wendy is an amazing woman with a beautiful spirit. I feel the same way about you. I love your new design.


    2. Thank you for your comment. It is a year and a half later and Wendy is back to her old sweet self. I never did really know how to explain Gods word very good. I simply tell it like it is and leave the rest to God. I hope you keep coming back. I do not get much of a chance to write as often as I did, but every now and then I make a post. God bless you!


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