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A Way To Communicate

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? – Romans 8:31

Wendys oldest son was here today.  Wendy has her cellphone now and he is bringing her her phone charger.  What that means is we can text till she gets better!

Wendy texted me last night.  She said she had a defibulator put in her.  She also said that she had an infection, but that I could call her.  Then she gave me the room number.

I called and spoke to Wendy last night for about an hour.  She is pretty hoarse and she was coughing a bit.  But we had a nice talk.  She is a wonderful woman.  I am so happy!  This also takes the stress of going to visit off of me quite a bit.

Once again, the Lord made a way.  HE has been so good to me!  I thank God so much! It just goes to show you, that if God is for something, nothing can stand against it.  Not a heart attack, not miles, not lack of funds, NOTHING can stand against the Power of Our Almighty God!

Thank you for all your prayers and concern.  Lets not let this miracle go unforgotten, lets keep it going in prayer for others who are hurting.  We have PROVEN the power of OUR prayers.  Lets keep up the momentum for others.

God Bless!

3 thoughts on “A Way To Communicate

  1. Good news Bob, we will also pray for Wendy’s infection but you can be assured I won’t be forgetting this wonderful Miraculous Intervention by our God of Love in both your lives and I’m sure others won’t either. Of course there will be those who will try to explain it away or deny it but as the Scriptures tell us as long as they put God in a Box of their own understanding they will never know Him as He is, or how He works in the lives of His Children and their fleshy prayers will go unanswered… sad but True.

    Christian Love Anne


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