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My Wendy Is Home

Wendy was released from the hospital yesterday.  Praise God again for another miracle.  She does not need rehab. 

I am at her house as I write this.  I am with her and will take care of her until she is 100%.  I am staying right here until she is better.  She has an extra bedroom and a couch I can sleep on, so there is no need for me to leave.

Right now, she is getting some much needed rest.  Her throat is still very sore, but she ate some cereal both last night and this morning.  She has pills she has to take and she still needs to visit a doctor regularly, but other than that, she is doing fine.

She slept straight through the night and is sleeping peacefully again right now. I am so happy!  I feel whole again, lol.

Right now, I am sitting at her computer, going over all the scriptures God taught me during all of this.  I wrote them on 3 x 5 cards and am calling them “My Emergency Bible Pack”.

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers!  You ARE my Christian family and when you need me, I will be there for you.  I have been taking care of myself and I also got some much needed sleep last night.  I feel pretty good today and I will get back to normal posting tomorrow.

Please don’t let the miracle of Wendys healing die.  I know I am not going to let it.  I plan to use it to lift and help others.  Lets pass this miracle on to others who may need it.  Families and sick people.  We have all proven Gods love and the power of prayer.  Now it is our job to pass it on to the rest of the world in hopes that God might save some.

I love you all very very much.  My posts from here on out will be much different.  They will not be so much about what I have read in the bible but how God has taught me to LIVE it and what I have tried and what has worked for me.

God bless you all so much.

On a side note:  I am moderating comments because porn sites seem to be typing just enough of a comment now to get past the spam filter and until I figure out what to do, I have no choice but to moderate comments.  Please do not let that stop you from commenting.  I need to hear from “my family”.

Lots of Love,


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With My Wendy

Hi everybody!!!!! I am writing this on my kindle so forgive any errors. I am at the hospital visiting Wendy. I have been here since noon yesterday.  She is so much better today. She is eating, walking, talking almost like her old sweet self. I am the happiest man in the world. Our love for each other is stronger than ever too. Right now we are waiting to see if she is going to be released today. The doctors said yesterday, that she might. This is just a quick update. This is so hard to do on my kindle lol. Please keep us in your prayers and thank you all very much.

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The Refreshing Peace Of God

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. – Isaiah 26:3

And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful. – Colossians 3:15

When you have someone you love sick and in the hospital, Satan tends to attack the mind of the Christian with a vengeance.  So how did I deal with it?   I took long walks and observed God’s creation and I also kept my mind fixed on the above verses.  At first, your mind is a jumble of confusion and worry, but then it starts to go away.  When I wrapped myself up in the thoughts of God and what HE has done, for brief moments, I stopped worrying and felt hope and peace.

It comes and goes, but there is peace in fixing ones thoughts upon God and not the problems.  I am speaking not on what I have read here, but on what I KNOW and have tried and what has worked!

Our sick loved ones need us as strong as we can be for them.  So if you have a loved one who is sick and in the hospital, give my method a try.  Get out and walk, observe nature, pray, praise, and fill your mind with thoughts of God. Before you know it, the worry will cease and you will be filled with Gods peace on the matter.

God Bless!

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A Way To Communicate

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? – Romans 8:31

Wendys oldest son was here today.  Wendy has her cellphone now and he is bringing her her phone charger.  What that means is we can text till she gets better!

Wendy texted me last night.  She said she had a defibulator put in her.  She also said that she had an infection, but that I could call her.  Then she gave me the room number.

I called and spoke to Wendy last night for about an hour.  She is pretty hoarse and she was coughing a bit.  But we had a nice talk.  She is a wonderful woman.  I am so happy!  This also takes the stress of going to visit off of me quite a bit.

Once again, the Lord made a way.  HE has been so good to me!  I thank God so much! It just goes to show you, that if God is for something, nothing can stand against it.  Not a heart attack, not miles, not lack of funds, NOTHING can stand against the Power of Our Almighty God!

Thank you for all your prayers and concern.  Lets not let this miracle go unforgotten, lets keep it going in prayer for others who are hurting.  We have PROVEN the power of OUR prayers.  Lets keep up the momentum for others.

God Bless!

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HE’s Been There!

I was just reading Matthew Chapter 1 over again for the umteenth time now as I am still reading my 10 chapters of the bible a day, every day.

Ever notice in the genealogy of Matthew that Jesus displays the bad apples of His family tree?  Rahab was a Jericho harlot, Grandpa Jacob was a sly deciever, and David was inconsistent and erratic to say the least.  One minute David wrote Psalms and the next He was seducing his Captains wife!  Yet, Jesus did not erase his name from his ancestry! 

I think He did it to show us HE’S BEEN THERE!  Most families do not talk about or even want known the “bad apples” in their family tree.  They do not talk about the Grandfather who beat his wife, or the cousin who went to prison, or the father who was a drunk.

My own family has bruised fruit.  My father was a drunk and a wife beater, my brother committed suicide, another brother was a drug addict.  To all this, today Jesus is whispering to me, ‘I’ve been there’.

He had to enter into every detail of human life so that when HE came before God as High Priest to get rid of the peoples sins, he would have already experienced it all himself and would be able to help where help was needed. The bible clearly backs this up in Hebrews when it says “Therefore, in all things He had to be made like His brethren, that He might be a merciful and faithful High Priest in things pertaining to God, to make propitiation for the sins of the people.  For in that He Himself has suffered, being tempted, He is able to aid those who are tempted. ” Hebrews 2:17,18

I praise HIS Holy Name for when Wendy had her heart attack, HE whispered to me “I’ve been there”.  I did not hear it at the time, but I am hearing it loud and clear now. And because He understands and because HE has “been there” HE gave me the chance to change my history, to wipe the slate clean and to rewrite a new chapter in my life, so that years from now, when future people with my last name look back at their ancestry, they will come to my name and see it all changed with me.  I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and the rest will be HISTORY!

Thank You Jesus because “You’ve Been There”

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A Wendy Miracle!

I just got back from seeing Wendy.  She loved the bow I made her.  First words out of her mouth were “God! Am I glad to see you!.” She is sooo much better.  The doctor is going to do a heart cath on her this afternoon and have a better look at her heart.  He mentioned something about possibly having to put a defibulator/pacemaker in her.  But other than that, she is going to be ok.  I am praying they send her closer to me for rehab.  Gas is now $3.80 a gallon here! What a time for the rich oil companies to start getting greedy!

I am exhausted for some reason.  Today I really seem to be feeling the fatigue from all the stress and driving.  To top things off, my brake light is on in my car and I just do not have the money right now to get it fixed. I have been driving WENDYS car to visit her for the time being.  Thank God for that.

After all I have been through, I am just not worried about it.  It’s in Gods hands.  If HE can perform a miracle like HE did for Wendy, I believe HE will always see to it I get there to see her. HE has so far. Things like this do not worry me anymore.  My trust and faith is in God and no one else.  If I only had the words to explain how I feel!  I guess they will come in time.

But for today, I got to see my Wendy.  She is talking now and she is very alert.  Thank you Jesus from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you EVERYONE for your prayers and support.

Please keep her in your prayers.  If nothing else, we have PROVEN God is ALIVE and IN CONTROL.  And we have PROVEN that prayer WORKS!

I got to relax and rest now.  I am wore out.  Now that she is getting better, the fatigue is really setting in on me.

God bless each of you and thank you for the gas donations.  So far I have received $60.  That gets me to see her for 3 more days.

Wendy said to tell you all “thank you” and she really meant that.  She was so shocked to hear about all the prayers.  I told her “wait till you sit and read all the comments”   She said, “I can’t wait till we can do it TOGETHER”

I am in tears right now.  Not of sadness, but of great inexplicable joy.  God did it people.  Right before our very eyes…he performed….a MIRACLE! The Wendy MIRACLE!

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A Bow For My Wendy

I make some of the most beautiful bows.  Wendy loves them and her house is full of them that I made.

Below is one I just made for her.  I am taking it to the hospital when I go see her today.  Her favorite color is blue.  I put a lot of TLC into this one because it is very special for a very special lady.

I will update you all tonight on how she is doing. She still has a long ways to go, so please keep her in your prayers.

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Nothing But Praise

I just got back from visiting Wendy.  I have nothing but praise for God right now.  Wendy kissed me on the mouth 4 times.  She also told me she loved me several times as well.

She also ate applesauce this morning and she has drank several sips of 7 up.  This afternoon, she ate some ground up chicken and chocolate pudding.

She is moving her arms, speaking a little and she is wiggling her legs now.  She said she can feel my hand on her feet and legs.

And the best news of all is as soon at a room opens up at the hospital, they are moving her OUT of ICU.

She keeps telling her family and friends that I saved her life.  Lets set the record straight here.  I did not save Wendys lifeGod saved Wendys life through me.  I was just a very willing instrument HE used to help her.  I will in no way take credit for HIS miracle.

I am literally watching a miracle happen right before my eyes.  God is healing Wendy more and more with each passing day, and I have nothing but praise and thanksgiving to HIM for HIS grace, healing, love and mercy.

I am actually humbled at HIS act of kindness towards Wendy.  It is 53 miles one way to the hospital from here.  Gas prices are really putting a strain on my finances, but somehow I am making it.

I am never going to be the same after all this.  I can’t find the words to express how I feel, praise is the closest, but it goes much deeper than that.  I have never asked God for much for myself.  The one time, I asked for Wendy to live and get better – HE answered and granted my request.  How humbling is that?

And lets not ever forget all of you.  Your prayers meant a lot to Wendy.  I told her all about it.  I thought she was going to cry for a minute there.  She told me to tell you all “Thank you”

I can not wait till my head clears and I can find the words to write about OUR Awesome God!  Right now, I am letting HIM heal me too.

If we could only keep the LOVE going?  God is LOVE.  All we have to do is LOVE each other.

God bless you all my friends and I will keep you updated about Wendys progress.

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Amazing Grace

This is the day that the LORD hath made; I will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalm 118:24

Good morning my Christian Family.  It is amazing what a good meal and a good nights sleep can do to rejuvinate the body and spirit.  I feel great!  My spirit feels as strong as 10 tigers this morning as well.

We have been talking about Wendy.  In this post, I want to share with you what God has done to me through all of this.  First, HE kept Wendy alive through me until the EMS people got to her house.  The 911 lady told me the minutes until the EMS people got there were crucial.  She instructed me over the phone how to breathe for Wendy.  She told me I HAD to keep doing it over and over for her and I did!  Let me tell you, that is not easy.  I was so exhausted by the time the EMS people got there, I could barely stand.  I talked to God the whole time as well.  I kept asking him “Lord lend me THY strength” and HE did!

After that fear and worry set in.  When they first got her to the hospital, it did not look good. God kept me from falling apart.  All I could see in my mind for days afterward was Wendy on her couch, helplessly going through a heart attack.  The blank stare in her eyes and the bubbles coming out of her mouth.  For days I could not close my eyes, or sleep or eat.  Last night, God replaced that picture with Wendy trying to give me a hug and holding my hand when I visited her yesterday.

Then I had the difficult task of having to call Wendys mom and inform her of what had happened.  Wendys mom is in her mid 70’s and I worried what this news might do to her.  Again God came to the rescue.  I called and Wendys mom is a very strong Christian woman.  She stayed calm, asked me questions, told me that Wendy was in Gods hands and then she hung up and called the rest of her family.

A day or so later, guilt and doubt had set in.  I kept questioning myself over and over.  Did I do enough to help Wendy?  If so, why was she in a coma?  When she opened her eyes yesterday and recognized me and the rest of her family, God showed me that I did all I could humanly do for her and HE filled my heart with an amazing peace and joy.

While going through all this doubt, fear and confusion, I ended up getting MAD! I told myself, I know the bible!  I know it book, chapter, line and verse.  So, I set myself to go through my bible and I picked out  about 5 of the strongest verses I could find on Gods power and healing and I wrote them on a 3×5 index card and I walked my house hour after hour speaking them out loud with force and speaking them to Wendy in our picture hanging on the wall.  Let me tell all of you, this killed my doubts, and fears, and gave me such strength! The next day when Wendys Mom called me, she asked if I was taking medicine.  I asked her why?  She said “you sound so much better and stronger”.

I also poured out my heart on this blog as well.  As God strengthened me, I remembered the power of prayer.  And I set myself to rally every single person I could think of to pray for Wendy.  What followed shocked me.  Not only did all of you respond, but 12 churches me and Wendy have been to, most of West Unity here, her co workers, all our friends, all our friends friends, people all over the place are praying for Wendy.  I had no idea how many people loved us. I figured it out, 3 counties were praying for Wendy along with a whole lot of internet.

Today, I feel strong as a lion.  I also know something has happened to me inside.  Something too wonderful to express in words!  I feel a strange confidence inside and I feel like God placed a “living bible” inside my heart.  I mean it is one thing to read it and memorize it, but God keeps telling me “Now you are LIVING it”

Another miracle.  I have smoked cigarettes for about 34 years or so now.  I have made numerous unsuccessful attempts to quit over the years.  I have not had a cigarette since last Tuesday at 8:04 pm when this whole thing happened.  God took it away.  I did not even ask or try.  I have had no withdrawl symptoms and no desire for a cigarette.  THAT is a miracle.

I am documenting all of this as a testimony that God is as REAL as WE let HIM be.  I am just a man.  No different than any other.  And if God can love and strengthen me, HE can love, save and strengthen YOU too!  Accept HIM!  Believe in HIM!  Confess HIM!   We tend to complicate Christ with rituals, ceremonies, and a lot of other stuff.  It is as simple as having faith.  Hoping in the cross, salvation and eternal life and loving each other with a Godly Christian Love.

The bible is just words on a page unless we pull those words off its pages and LIVE them. 

God bless you!  Thank you for all your love and prayers.  And please keep praying for Wendy.  She still has a long way to go.  The doctors can’t run tests on her until she gets stronger.  They still do not know the extent of the damage done to her heart.  Lets not believe what the doctors say, lets believe God and what he says and he says – The things which are impossible with men are possible with God” – Luke 18:27

That is all for now.  I will keep updating about Wendy as I get them.  Right now I am going to listen to some worship music and get ready for church and after that I will be off to see MY WENDY!


The Bible Man

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Just Got Home From Seeing Wendy

I just got back from seeing Wendy.  At the sound of my voice she opened her eyes.  I held her hand and said “Wendy it’s me Bob.” “I’m here for you”.  It took a second but recognition dawned on here and her eyes lit up, she smiled, and she tried to hug me.  She could not move her arm, so she rolled her entire body sideways and draped her arm over my shoulder.  Then she turned her head and I kissed her on the cheek.  She kept her arm on my shoulder the entire time I was there. Like she was trying to hug me.

Needles went through me from the top of my head all the way down my body, I swear it felt like being baptized by the Holy Spirit.  After a few minutes, I asked her “Do you know who I am?”  She shook her head yes!

I told her she was going to be ok and that she needed to rest.  She squeezed my fingers with her other hand and kind of nodded back off to sleep.  I left.

The second time I got to see her today, she was even more responsive.  I held her hand and she kept looking at me with such eyes of love.  She tried a few times to either talk or cough but she couldn’t.  I stayed a few minutes and started to leave, and she squeezed my hand.  I asked her “Do you want me to stay?” She shook her head yes.  So, I stayed with her for about another 15 minutes.  I told her how much I loved her and softly, gently tried to lull her with my voice till she went back to sleep.

I am home now and I am exhausted.  I feel like someone lifted a refrigerator off of my shoulders.  Wendys family is all there for her.  They have been so nice to me.  It is time to let her rest and heal some more.  Tomorrow is another day.

God answered our prayers people.  Someone wrote on my facebook page “I can hear the testimony now”  You bet you will.  Just wait till I get some sleep and Wendy gets better.  OOOOO weee are you all going to hear the testimony!

I know it is not much, but all I can say is “Thank you Lord”.  And thank you my friends.  Please keep us in your prayers.